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The Decision

    Every morning, as Benjamin sat down to enjoy his coffee, he could see his neighbor Mr. Randall meticulously grooming his roses across the street. There was a long history of animosity between them; from petty disagreements to serious arguments, they were sworn enemies.

    One morning, as Benjamin looked across the street, he made an unusual decision. He decided to turn Mr. Randall, his worst enemy, into his best friend.

    The first step was to drop the grudges he had held for years. Benjamin started waving to Mr. Randall every morning, a gesture met initially with suspicion, but gradually returned with a nod.

    Next, he started complimenting Mr. Randall on his roses, which were, despite their past disagreements, the most beautiful in the neighborhood. Mr. Randall, taken aback, responded with a curt ‘thank you’ and slowly started opening up about his gardening tips.

    One stormy night, a large branch fell and damaged Mr. Randall’s rose bed. Seeing this the next morning, Benjamin rushed over with his toolkit and helped repair the damage. Surprised and touched, Mr. Randall invited Benjamin in for a cup of tea.

    Over time, shared cups of tea turned into shared stories, shared laughter, and shared memories. They found they had more in common than they thought. Both were veterans, both widowers, and both had a soft spot for old jazz music.

    Their friendship became the talk of the neighborhood, a symbol of change and unity. The feud that once was, had turned into an unexpected friendship. And Benjamin, enjoying his coffee one morning, realized that he didn’t just have a former enemy across the street anymore; he had his best friend.

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