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Born to Soar

    In the world of Avialae, every citizen was born with a pair of wings. Some sported delicate butterfly wings, others boasted grand eagle wings, while some had tiny hummingbird wings that buzzed with a life of their own. The sky was not a dream, but a birthright.

    Each morning, the sky was awash with a flurry of colors as people took off for their daily tasks. Children would have their first flight lessons at school, and postmen traveled from cloud to cloud, delivering letters.

    Maya was a young girl with wings like a dove – soft and white. Despite being fearful of heights, she found her courage when her little brother’s toy got stuck on a high tree. The sight of her brother’s teary eyes sparked something within Maya.

    With shaky breaths, she spread her wings and launched herself into the air. As she climbed higher, fear was replaced with exhilaration. The wind rustled through her feathers, and she marveled at the view from above, seeing her world from a new perspective.

    Maya retrieved the toy, and her descent was met with cheers. She had not only overcome her fear but also found joy in flying, truly embracing her birthright.

    The world of Avialae was a place where everyone had their unique way to soar. It was a reminder that we all have wings in some form; we just need the courage to spread them and fly.

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